Overcoming Challenges: Dodo Pizza's Journey to Create a 'Love Is' Campaign
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Overcoming Challenges: Dodo Pizza's Journey to Create a 'Love Is' Campaign

Overcoming Challenges: Dodo Pizza's Journey to Create a 'Love Is' Campaign
Polskii Mark
Author at InAppStory

Dodo Pizza, a trailblazer in the pizza delivery industry, has made a name for itself through its innovative use of technology and customer-focused approach. With a wide-ranging digital presence in many countries, they significantly rely on their mobile application as a critical platform for customer communication and engagement. Dodo is also known due to its full control over operations and customer journeys from digital ordering to delivery operations. Their commitment to quality and service has seen them continuously embracing inventive marketing strategies to engage their customer base.


A pivotal part of their business strategy is to engage users within their proprietary service and application, bypassing the use of aggregators or external platforms. This is accomplished by providing an enriched, differentiated user experience, which sets their app, Dodo, apart from competitors. To achieve this, their marketing team consistently devises innovative and striking campaigns throughout the year, enhancing the overall online user experience. 


The challenge was conceptualizing and executing a unique campaign with a famous brand “Love Is” dubbed in the same manner - "Love Is" campaign. It aimed to resonate emotionally with customers while promoting the chosen category and tap into nostalgic memories associated with opening a gum wrapper and discovering liners about love. However, the journey was fraught with challenges.


Firstly, aligning the vision of Dodo Pizza with the iconic "Love Is" brand presented a challenge, as it required careful handling to ensure the essence of both brands wasn't compromised. And secondly, creating an engaging gamification campaign that involved customer interaction with the mobile app, while staying within the boundaries of copyright, proved difficult.


Love is in the Air


Dodo Pizza's initial idea involved a partnership with the "Love Is" brand, creating a limited edition of "Love Is" gum with Dodo Pizza-themed inserts. However, due to logistical problems such as coordination with the gum factory in Turkey, making the necessary arrangements, and the pressing holiday deadline, the idea was deemed unfeasible. The need to pivot while maintaining the essence of the campaign presented a major challenge.


The teams demonstrated resilience and creativity. In their search for a solution, they turned to InAppStory, known for its innovative digital solutions. InAppStory offered an elegant solution that maintained the spirit of the original concept, overcoming the logistical constraints, and keeping the campaign completely digital.


This alternative solution was the creation of unique postcards featuring the "Love Is" illustrations. InAppStory took the eight most compelling customer responses about what made their love special and commissioned the "Love Is" artist to design digital postcards based on these stories.


InAppStory, with its distinct individual approach and unwavering support to clients, teamed up with Dodo's creative team to tackle a unique challenge. They envisioned a game that would not only entertain users but also cause a wave of virality. During energetic brainstorming sessions, the idea of integrating 'postcards' into the game was born, making them available as part of the "Love Is" combo. InAppStory's expert developers then transformed this concept into reality, showing a perfect blend of client dedication and technical innovation




Alongside this, they developed an engaging gamification campaign in the form of a virtual postcard generator game. Despite the tight time frame, which resulted in shifting from the original idea of a designer tool, the team managed to create a game that allowed users to generate personalized greeting cards. The user could choose a recipient, enter their name, and select their relationship to the recipient. 


Based on these inputs, a personalized greeting card would be created, which could be downloaded and sent to the recipient. This approach spurred a unique viral effect, engaging not only those creating the cards but also everyone to whom the card could be personalized and sent. As a result, this creative solution significantly increased the campaign's reach without any additional financial investment, relying solely on its viral nature. Despite the challenges and alterations to the initial plans, the result was a user-friendly and engaging game that struck a chord with its customers.


Business results




The "Love Is" campaign outperformed all expectations, breaking records in popularity. It was recognized as one of the best campaigns among its competitors. The campaign demonstrated that meaningful, emotional connections with customers could lead to valuable brand engagement that extends beyond immediate sales.


The key metrics realized were impressive, given the obstacles faced during the development of the campaign. Dodo Pizza achieved vast visibility of 2,517,066 users, which shows that the campaign reached a large audience. The number of participants was 400,085, which indicates that a significant portion of those reached took the time to engage with the content. These numbers attest to the resonance and effectiveness of the campaign in capturing customer attention.




Even more impressive was the conversion rate at the opening, which stood at 15.9%. This rate is an indication that the campaign not only attracted attention but was effective in converting that attention into tangible customer interaction. It demonstrates that a significant percentage of those who opened the story were intrigued enough to take the next step in the customer journey, further interacting with the brand.


The virtual postcard generator game, a unique offering by InAppStory, proved to be a success, with 320,162 users generating a total of 761,611 cards throughout the campaign period. This innovative solution showcased how InAppStory leverages the power of gamification to enhance user engagement, encouraging active participation in creating personalized greeting cards.


The success of the campaign also demonstrates the power of nativeness - seamless integration into the existing user interface that allowed for a more fluid user experience. This is one of the key advantages of InAppStory's solution, as it ensures customers interact with the brand in a way that feels natural and intuitive, rather than intrusive or disconnected.

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