Legal Information


1. General provisions

INAPPSTORY EUROPE UNIPESSOAL LDA, a limited liability company incorporated and registered in Portugal (company number 516348582) whose registered office is at Largo Do Sol Posto, 1, 8000-150 Faro Portugal  and branche InAppStory Inc, (228 Park Ave S, PMB 68212, New York, New York 10003-1502 US) incorporated under the laws of USA in Delaware hereinafter referred to as the Company. The Company offers a full range of information services, including computer software development, SaaS, product design and gamification.


2. Website Usage

The exclusive right to the use of the given Website (hereinafter referred to as Website) belongs to the Company. 

The Company has the exclusive right to all the materials posted on the Website and/or has the copyright holder’s permission for the use of the materials on the Website. The Company is also the owner of all trademarks, service marks, commercial designations, logos and domain names appearing on the Website and/or has the appropriate permission for their use from the copyright holder.

The Website users are entitled to view, copy and quote the information posted on the Website as well as print the Website pages on hard copy in case this information is used exclusively for the User’s personal, informative, non-commercial purposes, provided that all signs and designations of copyrights, related rights, trademarks and any other notice of copyright are preserved and the reference to the Website is given. All ways to distribute or make any Website content, either printed or online, widely available without the prior written consent from the Company are prohibited.

Any commercial use or modification of the materials published on the Website violates the Company’s rights to the results of intellectual property and means of personalization.

If you have any questions concerning the Website, please e-mail

We reserve the exclusive right in our sole discretion to alter and/ or delete completely or partially any materials displayed on the Website at any time and without prior notice.


3. Anti-corruption provisions

In compliance with Company’s principles, any forms and manifestations of corruption when interacting with counterparties, authorities, self-governments, political parties, our own personnel or any other persons are unacceptable.

Anti-corruption policy has been approved and is operating in the Company in terms of development and implementation of measures for preventing and combatting corruption.


4. Privacy

Company uses personal data of the Website users in connection with the services and corresponding information provided to them (for instance, Company’s announcements of the open vacancies, events or Company itself) as well as to report any changes in legislation etc.


5. Limitations on liabilities

The information presented on the Website is provided for information purposes only and cannot be used as any legal opinion or advice. Despite the fact that the Company has done its best in preparation, placement and revision of the materials displayed on the Website, we, nevertheless, cannot guarantee their absolute accuracy, completeness and relevance. Furthermore, the Company cannot ensure consistent or trouble-free access to the Website and under no circumstances bears responsibility for any possible damages that may arise to the Users from the use of the Website. 


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