Extend the lifecycle of your mobile customers via stories

Embedded in one day. Coffee break included.

1-month free trial. No credit card required.

Solve multiple in-app marketing goals via a single platform

The Stories feature enhances mobile customer experience across acquisition, onboarding, conversion, and retention touchpoints.

Improve onboarding

Convert leads into loyal customers via app onboarding

Create an interactive walkthrough for mobile users, and they will never want to skip.

Boost online revenue

Generate a growing revenue channel for your business

Stories feature is an effective tool for featuring company products, services, and various partner collaborations.

Refine customer relationships

Create a memorable mobile user experience

Encourage customers to communicate with your brand via Stories feature mechanics, interactive widgets, and even online games.

The content platform your team and customers will love

InAppStory provides a multipurpose solution for medium businesses and enterprise firms to deliver the content that resonates with mobile users.

Editor for stories

Intuitive editor console

Design all kinds of Stories with any complexity level. Combine and customize images, videos, messages, targeted actions, creatives, colors, and fonts for your brand.

Targeting and segmentation

Broad publishing settings

Easily target and personalize Stories app features via audience segments and attributes to deliver resonating content.

Interactive widgets

Gamified user experience

Communicate with your users via gamification and interactive design mechanics. Choose matching HTML games, quizzes, polls, tests, and other widgets that suit your audience.

Advanced analytics for stories

Insightful analytical tools

Track Stories and user behavior metrics from the online dashboard. Import them directly to Google Analytics, Amplitude, or other analytical tools.

Influence customers behavior in a native way


Total daily impacts


Average engagement rate


Better conversion vs. banners


Average increase in user sessions

What our clients say?

New feature introduction, easy communication with the customers and a very high delivery rate against the usual push notifications. Plus, these are interactive, so it helps us increase engagement with the customer.

Nupur R

Nupur R,
Senior Product Manager

We wanted instruments that could increase the activity of our clients and make them open our app and interact with it more often. InAppStory has proven to be a fantastic solution to these challenges.

Anastasia B

Anastasia B,
Marketing Manager

InAppStory is a game changer in the onboarding process for app's users. If they can skip push notifications, they can't skip Stories.

Nik B,
Lead Community Manager

We are seeing an increase in the session time and sales via stories. Now InAppStory tool are showing stable growth.

Kate D

Kate D,
Head of CRM

InAppStory supercharges the tool with our requirements to bring promo codes or discounts that are relevant for different types of app users.

Andrew A,
Head of E‑Merchandising

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Extend the life cycle of your mobile customers

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