From Static Screens to Engagement: Fueling User Growth
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From Static Screens to Engagement: Fueling User Growth

From Static Screens to Engagement: Fueling User Growth
Mark Polskii
Author @ InAppStory

Imagine a health and wellness app that seamlessly integrates with your smartwatch, providing real-time insights and personalized recommendations to optimize your well-being. This is the power behind Welltory, a cutting-edge app that empowers users to take control of their health.


Welltory leverages data collected from smartwatches to analyze factors like heart rate variability, sleep patterns, and activity levels. It then translates this data into actionable insights about stress, energy levels, and overall health.  With this information, Welltory offers personalized guidance to help users improve their daily routines, achieve their fitness goals, and optimize their performance.

However, Welltory understands that achieving long-term health goals requires more than just data analysis. They recognize the importance of building a loyal user base.  This is where their commitment to a subscription-based model comes in. Welltory offers a free tier with basic functionalities, but unlocks a wider range of personalized recommendations, in-depth health analysis, and advanced features through their premium subscriptions. 

Welltory's success hinges on effectively converting free users into paying subscribers.  But achieving this conversion and maintaining high user retention requires a robust communication strategy that keeps users engaged and invested in their well-being journey. This is where the power of InAppStory comes into play. 


Client Challenges: Converting Users and Keeping Them Engaged


Despite offering a compelling value proposition, Welltory faced some key challenges in achieving their business goals:

  • Conversion Rates Improvement: Welltory is always demanding to convert a significant portion of their free users into paying subscribers. While the free tier offered a taste of the app's capabilities, it wasn't effectively convincing users of the added value provided by the premium features.
  • Retention Challenges: Maintaining user engagement and preventing churn among existing subscribers was another hurdle. Free users might lose interest without a clear understanding of the benefits a paid subscription could offer. Existing subscribers, even with premium features, needed ongoing motivation and personalized guidance to stay committed to their health goals.
  • Communications in Mobile App: Traditional communication methods like push notifications and emails were proving insufficient. Welltory needed a more engaging and interactive way to deliver the necessary messages at the right user journey points of their mobile app with the most personalized content.

Implementation of Stories with InAppStory and its Impact


Welltory recognized the potential of InAppStory as a powerful tool to overcome their user engagement and conversion challenges. As it was the InAppStory platform that helped to build effective visual communication channels inside their app, across the different user journey touchpoints.  Welltory gained the ability to create engaging and interactive stories directly within the user interface.  Developing such a feature in-house would have been resource-intensive, but InAppStory immediately addressed all the primary communication needs with users inside the mobile app.


Revolutionizing Onboarding




Static onboarding screens were a thing of the past. Welltory crafted captivating stories using InAppStory to introduce new users to the app's functionalities and highlight the value proposition. These interactive stories provided a more engaging and informative experience. Users weren't just passively reading, they were actively participating in learning about the app's benefits, leading to a better understanding of how Welltory could empower their health journey.


Simplifying Subscription Management




Gone were the days of confusing subscription options presented in text-heavy menus.  InAppStory facilitated the creation of clear and concise visual stories explaining the various subscription tiers and their associated features. Users were presented with an engaging and easy-to-understand explanation of what each subscription offered. This empowered them to make informed decisions about not only upgrading to a premium subscription but also re-engaging users who have already unsubscribed, which potentially boosted conversion rates. 


Smartwatch Tutorials Made Easy




Welltory leveraged InAppStory to develop interactive tutorials that guided users on how to set up and utilize their smartwatches seamlessly. These engaging stories eliminated confusion and ensured users could leverage the full potential of the smartwatch integration.  Unlike traditional written instructions, InAppStory allowed users to follow along with visual cues and interactive steps, making the learning process smoother and more enjoyable.


Personalized Stories for Enhanced Engagement




InAppStory's capabilities allowed Welltory to create personalized stories tailored to individual user data and health goals. These targeted stories offered relevant recommendations and motivational content, fostering a sense of connection with the app.  Imagine receiving stories with personalized insights about your sleep patterns and suggestions for improvement – that's the power of Welltory's approach with InAppStory.  This targeted communication kept users invested in their health journey by providing actionable guidance specific to their needs.

The flexibility offered by InAppStory was another hidden key factor contributing to Welltory's success. The platform allowed them to experiment with different story formats, content types, and CTAs (Calls to Action). This ongoing optimization process enabled Welltory to continuously refine their stories and maximize their impact on user engagement and conversion rates.

Business Results: A Story of Growth and Engagement




The integration of InAppStory proved to be a game-changer for Welltory. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, Welltory achieved significant improvements across key business metrics:

  • Mobile App Stories Engagement: Over 70% of Welltory's mobile app users engage with the stories format at least once a month, making it one of the top engagement metrics among all clients.
  • Stories Reach and Impact: Welltory generates over 700,000 story openings per month, with a majority of these views coming from educational and product-focused stories.
  • Story-Driven Conversions: The average conversion rate from stories to an offer or feature is 12.5%, demonstrating the direct impact of storytelling on user behavior.

InAppStory's flexibility and experimentation capabilities also played a crucial role in Welltory's success. By continuously testing different story formats, content styles, and CTAs, Welltory was able to optimize their stories for maximum impact. This data-driven approach allowed them to refine their communication strategy and deliver a more personalized and engaging user experience.