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Extend lifecycle across all stages of customer journey


Onboard customers with walkthrough, app guide and navigation screencast
Onboard customers with <b>walkthrough, app guide and navigation</b> screencast


Keep customer attached through a Stories feed in the app and relevant content
Keep customer attached through a <b>Stories feed in the app</b> and relevant content


Promote your offering via product carts, price tags, swipe-ups and other CTA to monetization
Promote your offering via <b>product carts, price tags, swipe-ups and other CTA to monetization</b>


Create incentive to return though interactive widgets, personalization, UGC and more
Create incentive to return though <b>interactive widgets, personalization, UGC and more</b>
Four reasons to integrate Stories
InAppStory provides fast delivery of visual storytelling to mobile app customers, enriches the user experience, and saves engineering teams’ resources
Natural fit Natural fit
People of all ages are addicted to Stories due to social media
Multiple formats Multiple formats
Communication with no limits: short form videos, interactivity, UGC or gamification
Creator mode Creator mode
Easy to create content
with no-code web editor
Maximum efficiency Maximum efficiency
Perfect fit to the omnichannel strategy
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