9 best fashion marketing campaigns
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9 best fashion marketing campaigns

9 best fashion marketing campaigns
Polskii Mark
Author at InAppStory

Marketing is the primary weapon of companies. Brands will have no sales or recognition if they don’t have a good and creative promotion that can catch the customer’s eye and attention. The advertisement must be good enough to be remembered and stuck in people’s heads. Sometimes, bad enough for the same result. Anyway, the main task of the marketing campaign is to increase awareness and increase sales. Otherwise, as it was said, the product will not be sold.

The fashion industry has always been an accumulation of creativity because one of the purposes of fashion, like art, is to evoke emotions. Extraordinary fashion shows and collections always cause long discussions among people, social media, and news. One more way for a fashion to make noise is a remarkable marketing campaign. And in this case, where else to look for creative marketing campaigns if not in the fashion industry?


Fashion marketing definition


Marketing is always about advertisement and promotion. The fashion industry is not an exception. Fashion marketing deals with advertising campaigns, events, and activities to promote garments, accessories, or any product to target customers. Marketers use offline and online marketing to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers for the brand. Offline marketing usually uses newspapers, magazines, templates, television, etc. Online marketing concentrates on social media promotion and aims for the auditory, which can be the brand’s customers. The chosen parameters are gender, age, generation, location, occasion, income, etc. 

What is the difference between fashion marketing and other marketing industries?


The main difference between fashion marketing and other marketing industries is the duration of the promotion. Marketers in other industries are trying to stick to one strategy as long as possible. They don't change it while it works, and when it stops working, the task is to keep the number of changes. The fashion marketing industry and marketers that work in it are different. The cycle of promotion in fashion is way shorter compared to other industries because the fashion industry itself evolves and changes faster. The fashion industry requires new ideas from everyone who works in it and from the marketing department as well.

9 examples of great fashion social media campaigns


Social media promotion is the most significant part of marketing, especially for the fashion industry. The COVID situation increased its importance, so if you want to start your brand’s promotion on social media, you need to be sure that your future marketing campaign will be memorable, creative, and competitive enough because this competition is not for the weak. Here are some of the best examples of great fashion social media campaigns.


Virtual Muse by Prada



Prada used the first virtual human model to relaunch the Prada Candy fragrance in their ReThink Reality campaign. Beautiful model created for the better target the techy generation Z and named after the perfume. Candy also helps the luxury brand take charge of its digital narrative as an in-house virtual model. With this hyperreal and detailed face, Candy could easily be mistaken for a physical model at first. At a closer look, her magnetic purple eyes might give her digital identity away, but that doesn't change the fact that Зrada got creative with this marketing campaign. Advertising with the “muse” looks both modern and futuristic, eye-catching and memorable.


A riddle from Givenchy


Givenchy campaign
Givenchy campaign silhouette picture


In 2019, Givenchy posted a mysterious image on Twitter. You could see a silhouette of the woman, who will become the next ambassador of the brand. A large number of theories were started in social media. People wanted to know who it was. Most views said that the picture was a silhouette of a famous singer, Ariana Grande. The fans and their ideas were right. Givenchy revealed the ambassador several weeks later, and the marketing campaign caused a buzz for a couple more weeks in advance. 


“Reactland” by Nike



Nike is so good at social media promoting that they deserve a separate article. But this article is about the best marketing campaigns so we will talk about “Reactland”. To promote new “Epic React” running shoes, Nike made an 8-bit virtual video game with avatars. With this project, users could experience the brand’s latest sole cushioning technology. All you need is to visit their event. The employee scans your face with a device and gets on the treadmill. The 8-bit avatar appears in the game and runs with you. All this, of course, in new Nike shoes. The task is to run and reach the finish line.


Puppet-sized looks by Moschino



In the spring of 2021, Jeremy Scott and Moschino presented a ready-to-wear collection with 41 puppets as models. Doll-like puppets in a 7-minute video grabbed people's attention in social media and received a positive response. This is an example of the “better to see once than hear a hundred times” situation, so take a look at the video. An imposing and memorable example of a creative fashion event and marketing campaign.

Dior SS21


Dior campaign
Dior SS21 campaign catwalk picture


In the realities of the pandemic, the last few years were tough for the whole fashion industry. In an attempt to keep sales at the same level, marketing campaigns of most of the brands moved to digital. Most of the time was spent on promotion in social media and networks, but only Dior marketers guessed to make a collaboration with the most popular of them. Dior premiered its ready-to-wear collection live using TikTok’s new streaming feature during Paris’s fashion week. Dior’s SS21 virtual catwalk show stands in good company with Saint Laurent, JW Anderson, and Louis Vuitton, who have all held their shows on TikTok. This intelligent move allowed the brand to attract additional attention and a new audience that now can be interested in fashion.


Savage experience by Savage X Fenty:


Savage X Fenty campaign
 Savage X Fenty campaign content picture


The second volume of Savage and Fenty's collaboration show was streamed on Amazon Prime. The brands teased the show both on the streaming platform and social media. The trailer on Amazon Prime showed the show's production and boosted the celebrity-packed music performances. The social media promotion was an addition to the trailer and looked like an Instagram-sensitive contact warning, which aroused users' interest. 


La Maison des Carrés by Hermès



La Maison des Carrés was set up to showcase its famous selection of scarves. Instead of simply encouraging visitors to shop the product online, it brings the brand's story and craftsmanship to life and shows it to the viewer. A creative and original approach with unique design and beautiful little details makes an excellent example of what a good ad should look like to catch the attention and encourage the customer to make a purchase. 

Inside CHANEL by Chanel



The brand, whose history is no less than that of Hermès launched a short film that immerses the viewer in the brand's history and shows him how the brand evolved over the past hundred years. Twelve chapters show the essential parts of Chanel’s history through photos and videos and discovering these legendary locations, and how the Chanel story continues to be written. The film wasn’t was not made in anticipation of a show or new collection, but it may cause the interest of the brand’s fans and customers and turn random viewers into new customers. 

#castmemarc by Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs campaign
Marc Jacobs campaign mini-bag picture


Marc Jacobs once decided to use Instagram and Twitter as model scouting platforms. He launched the #castmemarc hashtag and asked the followers to “start snapping” and tagging photos of them with their friends, offering the lucky ones a chance to be featured in his Autumn/Winter campaign. The hashtag increased brand awareness and allowed the fans to get a memorable and potentially valuable experience.


Is there a way I can potentially use the same fashion marketing experience with my product?


As a matter of fact, yes you can implement the same engagement level that all of these fashion marketing campaigns have with the solution of InAppStory. As you have noticed, most of these fashion marketing examples include some sort of short videos similar to Instagram stories. InAppStory provides the same Stories feature for all kinds of businesses that you can only imagine.


Based on our client cases, we have deducted that the conversion rate can be scaled up to 3 three times more compared to the previous states of metrics. More than that, essentially Stories can play a huge part in your application ecosystem, as they can easily guide the consumer through its intended customer journey map. Below we highlighted 5 primary uses of the Stories feature:

  • User education - guide your users through existing or new features of your application.
  • Lifestyle demonstration - demonstrate the most trending aspects of modern fashion through the power of our widgets, short videos, and Stories.
  • Sales driving factor - open a fresh revenue channel where your consumers can purchase clothes directly through Stories with just a tap.
  • A major source of entertainment - engage with your audience by showing them snippets of the live translations of the fashion industry.
  • Effective feedback-gathering tool - collect the user feedback in an open and interactive approach.


If you have already got interested, you can simply go ahead and sign up for a free 30-day trial. No credit card or charges are required!



The right approach to marketing plays a key role in the growth and development of any business. But the fashion industry and its marketing require not only the right but creative approach in large quantities. With the help of fashion marketing, the creations of fashion designers from different parts of the world are brought to consumers and buyers, so the flow of ideas should not stop and should be constant. Also, fashion marketing is essential because it helps build brand loyalty, thus improving the public image of that particular company. Your marketer’s ideas should draw attention or resonate with the public. 


That is the only way to bring a lot of success to that specific fashion brand. Fashion marketing is a bridge that connects people with the brands and helps people see and understand the vision of the brand’s designers. Marketing is one of the many ways to tell the story from designer to every customer, so people should not do fashion marketing without a passion for the fashion industry. Fashion is all about passion and vision in every aspect of its existence. Even if we are talking about marketing and promotion, make sure that this is an art form you, like a designer who made a collection.