Time to Stories: Customized Stories come to apps

Stories are everywhere. InAppStory Inc, New York, announced an all-in-one platform for creating Stories for apps or mobile web products.


New York, July. 9, 2021 – InAppStory, the first content-driven customer engagement platform that helps businesses boost in-app engagement via Stories, officially introduces in-Stories games during the expansion. InAppStory allows marketers to create, customize and target in-app Stories.


InAppStory is in a fight with low in-app engagement.


The number of mobile apps has been steadily increasing. In 2020, according to TechCrunch, consumers downloaded a total of 218 billion mobile apps (+7% from 2019). Despite this trend, businesses struggle with low in-app engagement. More than 62% of apps don't get used by users every month. It is not surprising that people spend time on social media, and its number is growing from year to year. Most of them have already implemented Stories, and the number of users is huge.


InAppStory helps marketing teams with low in-app engagement and brings the familiar Stories format from social media to apps. The solution proactively engages visitors to an app or mobile web product via a native Stories format, and reduces the time between interest to purchase. InAppStory increases the in-app engagement rate by 10%, and the user session duration by up to 2 minutes (based on clients’ results). The lightweight SDK can be integrated with minimal code by the InAppStory team in two days.


InAppStory is a pioneer in in-app games in Stories format.

InAppStory picks up the wave of the gamification trend as the only platform on the market that offers in-Stories games in apps. The game is launched in GameReader on top of the Story (StoryReader). This allows Story with a game to be surrounded by other Stories (with rules or any other information). Games allow companies to reveal complex topics in simple language and tell about new features in a fun way. InAppStory offers both a standard set of games and customizes the game individually for the client – from design to technical filling.




"Cooperation with InAppStory lets us build effective communication with clients thanks to the popular Stories format. The user-friendly interface and numerous opportunities for content creation and editing are definitely strong arguments for this solution," shared Sergey Kolesnyak, Digital Director at Tele2 Russia.


InAppStory: other unique features.


According to research from Appsflyer and MixPanel, the average 90-day retention rate for mobile apps across categories is somewhere between 20 and 30%. Optimizing a mobile app’s onboarding flow could change the situation. InAppStory has onboarding in Stories format that increases DAU by up to 20% (based on clients’ results). Onboarding is a special Story that is displayed when the user logs into the app or performs a certain action there. Businesses can welcome newcomers, guide them through popular features, notify them about new promotions, and convert them into loyal customers.



CEO of Lamoda Jere Calmes pointed out in Forbes (2021) the importance of content: "The mobile marketing trends we saw emerge or become heightened during the 2020 COVID lockdowns will likely strengthen in 2021. Most important will be the need to maximize audience engagement through interaction with service providers and the delivery of relevant content."


With InAppStory, companies can empower the customer funnel by creating Stories via a drag-&-drop editor with ready-made templates. Games and out-of-the-box widgets such as quizzes, “rate us,” swipe-up, and more, also let teams get insights from customers and increase user sessions via interactions. InAppStory's targeting features help personalize Stories using segments and attributes that already apply to a company’s client base. Businesses can, for example, show the people with a certain interest relevant content or use their names for greeting. With 20+ metrics on the dashboard, businesses can easily evaluate, compare and import the results of their campaigns.


InAppStory also offers a service of the Content Studio that helps with Stories creation. The InAppStory platform, together with Content Studio, offers a solution that’s unique on the market and helps businesses run high-quality Stories based on experience with 1,000+ campaigns. With InAppStory Content Studio, companies can measure their maximized results without thinking about content creation.


"We're excited about the InAppStory launch and thrilled to bring in-app Stories to a new level on the market. The solution we created is designed to help transport communication from social networks to apps or mobile web products and use a native Stories experience to improve customer retention. With InAppStory, businesses can give their audience what it loves: interactive, visual, and clip-thinking content via swipe-left," says CEO and Founder of InAppStory Vladimir Lastovsky.


"The idea of InAppStory is to help businesses catch up with new formats by offering a tool and expertise in content creation to help them achieve their goals. InAppStory evaluates enterprise companies' results and collects their aggregated data to create a better tool," he continues. "By the end of 2021, InAppStory is going to strengthen its position in the market by offering the best content service in Stories format. Product development is the top priority for us, so InAppStory is already ready to publish an API, and a new analytics system will be available soon for all plans. We believe that the best content is customized content, so an A/B testing feature is also coming soon."


About InAppStory. InAppStory is the world's first content-driven customer engagement platform (SaaS) that helps businesses seamlessly create customized Stories in their apps using a comprehensive set of tools, boosting user engagement, driving sales, and making the experience of using the product way more fun without any code. InAppStory also has its own creative studio to run clients’ Stories based on market leaders’ experience and a data-driven approach.


The company was founded in mid-2021 in New York by Vladimir Lastovsky, with the mission to bring an in-app content format that works. InAppStory is now growing with its own funding. S7 Airlines, Tele2, and other enterprise companies have already relied on InAppStory.


About the Founder. Vladimir Lastovky is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on IT, digital, and enterprises since 2010. He created KIOZK, the leading digital content media aggregator in Russia. Before creating InAppStory, he held C-level positions at VEON (telecom), RURU (fintech), and ZED (digital content).


Contact: Natalie Karakina, Chief Marketing Officer at InAppStory: karakina@inappstory.com