Handsfree Stories solution for your mobile product
Think about strategy, not operations.
Delegate Stories design and all technical questions to our team.
Engage users without your 100% engagement.
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Zero coding from your side
We embed mobile app Stories within just 2 days.And do everything for you after.
Your gains with InAppStory
up to 10x
higher app revenue vs banners
We help you to increase sales via product tags relevant to custom segments
conversion from Stories to in-app purchases
We put buttons in Stories with links to your app offers or any external web pages
of users are engaged via Stories from the first sight
We introduce your app to newcomers via instant onboarding Stories
unique content to address each customer individually
We get user attention via advanced personalization
of Story visitors started playing games
We bring custom mobile games directly to your Stories
reduce mobile churn rate
We gamify essential Stories via interactive widgets
InAppStory provides not just a tool for your product but a full-packaged turnkey solution. From Stories concept to creative design assets with complete coverage of technical and non-technical questions 24/7.
Work with our design team that is the best with short-form catchy content
Perfect matching with your content calendar
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Work with our design team that is the best with short-form catchy content
Perfect matching with your content calendar
No matter what it is...
Like it? Lets talk!
Hitting your tone of voice
Work with our copywriters that grab your audience attention from the first phrase
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Managing wisely by our experts
Work with your right-hand man, a manager, who connects you with our team
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Why are we so confident?
Commercial Stories created
Different industries reached
App engagements earned
Average reduction of churn rate
Average boost in-app sales

InAppStory helps us outline the best deals and offers so that the customers wouldn't miss anything important. This triggers upsells and increases sales as a result.

Mariam G

Mariam G,
Head of Marketing

We looked for some tool to structure everything. Web Stories help us organize the materials that we share with our audience, but pick their attention too.

Mike V

Mike V,
Head of Digital

InAppStory is a game changer in the onboarding process for app's users. If they can skip push notifications, they can't skip Stories.

Nik B

Nik B,
Lead Community Manager

InAppStory team every quarter collect feedback from us as B2B client and give us tips how to create better content.

Natalie B

Natalie B,
Junior Marketing Manager

InAppStory supercharges the tool with our requirements to bring promo codes or discounts that are relevant for different types of app users.

Andrew A

Andrew A,
Head of E‑Merchandising

Our Stories feature is best 1M+ MAU
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