Top 10 YouTube Channels for Mobile Gamification

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Mobile Gamification

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Mobile Gamification
Polskii Mark
Author @ InAppStory

Have you ever gotten hooked on a mobile game and realized hours had flown by? That's the power of mobile gamification! It's the art of using game-like elements to make non-game apps more engaging and motivating. In today's competitive mobile app market, keeping users hooked is crucial. This is where mobile gamification comes in.


But where do you learn about these winning strategies? Look no further than YouTube! There's a wealth of knowledge available on channels dedicated to mobile gamification. They showcase successful examples, deep-dive into different techniques, and offer best practices to keep users glued to your app. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the Top 10 YouTube Channels for Mobile Gamification!


Top 10 YouTube Channels to listen for Mobile Gamification


1. GameDev Unchained




GameDev Unchained is a podcast that explores the world of game development from various angles. It covers everything from game design principles to industry trends. The hosts frequently discuss mobile gamification strategies and how they can be applied to enhance user engagement. Key episodes include "Gamification in Mobile Games: Strategies and Pitfalls" and "User Engagement Tactics for Mobile Games."


2. LevelUp: Game Devs




LevelUp focuses on interviewing game developers and industry experts about the latest trends and innovations in gaming. This podcast provides in-depth discussions on gamification techniques that can be applied to mobile apps. Notable episodes are "Maximizing User Retention Through Gamification" and "The Psychology Behind Mobile Gamification."


3. The Game Design Round Table




This podcast features expert designers discussing various aspects of game design, including gamification. It offers a wealth of knowledge on applying game design principles to non-gaming contexts, including mobile apps. Key episodes include "Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences" and "Gamification: Beyond Points and Badges."


4. Game Dev Loadout




Game Dev Loadout is geared towards aspiring game developers and focuses on practical advice for creating successful games. It covers actionable tips on incorporating gamification into mobile applications to boost user engagement. Essential episodes include "Gamification Strategies for Mobile Developers" and "Creating Addictive Mobile Game Mechanics."


5. Mobile Dev Memo




Mobile Dev Memo is a go-to resource for mobile marketers and developers, offering insights into the mobile ecosystem. The podcast regularly explores the impact of gamification on user behavior and monetization. Key episodes include "Gamification in Mobile Marketing" and "User Retention Strategies Through Gamification."


6. Game Maker's Notebook




Hosted by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, this podcast features candid conversations with game makers. It delves into the nuances of game design and gamification, with practical advice for mobile app developers. Noteworthy episodes include "Engaging Users with Gamification" and "Designing for Mobile: Tips from the Pros."


7. Game Dev Chat


Game Dev Chat is a podcast that focuses on the game development process, featuring insights from industry veterans and experts. It covers a wide range of topics, including gamification techniques that can be applied to mobile games to enhance user engagement and retention. Key episodes include "Implementing Gamification in Mobile Apps" and "Effective User Engagement Strategies Through Gamification."


8. Indie Game Movement




This podcast is aimed at indie game developers, providing guidance on various aspects of game creation and marketing. It includes valuable discussions on how indie developers can leverage gamification to stand out in the mobile market. Essential episodes include "Gamification for Indie Mobile Games" and "Creating Engaging Mobile Experiences on a Budget."


9. GameDev Breakdown




GameDev Breakdown offers a behind-the-scenes look at game development, featuring interviews with developers and industry professionals. It covers gamification in-depth, discussing both theory and practical applications in mobile games. Key episodes include "Practical Gamification Techniques" and "Enhancing User Experience with Gamification."


10. Building the Game




Building the Game is a podcast about game design and publishing, hosted by two game designers sharing their experiences. It provides a grassroots perspective on game development and gamification, with tips applicable to mobile developers. Notable episodes include "From Concept to Engagement: Gamifying Your Mobile App" and "User Retention and Monetization Through Gamification."