Top 9 Telecom Podcasts to Listen in 2023
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Top 9 Telecom Podcasts to Listen in 2023

Top 9 Telecom Podcasts to Listen in 2023
Polskii Mark
Author @ InAppStory

As technological advancements continue to shape our world, staying updated with the telecommunications sector becomes increasingly essential. Podcasts offer a seamless blend of deep insights and convenience, perfect for the modern professional or enthusiast on the move. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 10 telecom podcasts, complete with detailed descriptions and links.


Top 10 Telecom Podcasts to Listen


5G Guys




This weekly podcast brings the latest news and insights from the world of telecommunications. Covering everything from network innovations, regulations, mergers, and acquisitions, to interviews with CEOs of major telecom corporations, it provides a thorough understanding of the global telecom landscape.


The Voice of 5G




Centered around the rapid advancements of 5G technology, this bi-weekly show highlights the transformational impact of 5G on various sectors like healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. It offers interviews with 5G researchers, implementation challenges, and future predictions.


IoT Use Case




A monthly podcast dedicated to the dynamic world of the Internet of Things. It delves deep into how IoT devices, from smart homes to industrial sensors, are revolutionizing telecommunications, challenges faced in terms of security, and predictions for the next wave of IoT innovations.


Data Dialogues




Exploring the intricate relationship between voice and data, this podcast, released twice a month, looks at how advancements in data technology impact voice services and vice versa. It features interviews with industry leaders, case studies, and technological breakthroughs in this space. Podcast




Aimed at tech enthusiasts, this podcast, updated weekly, dives into the gadgets, software, and innovations driving the telecom industry. From the mechanics of cell towers to the latest in satellite technology, it covers the tech side of telecoms in comprehensive detail.


Connect the Dots




Focusing on the intricacies of digital communication, this bi-weekly podcast unravels the threads connecting infrastructure, software, and services in the telecom domain. With episodes on cloud services, data centers, and digital ecosystems, it offers listeners a holistic view of the digital communication realm.


The Broadband Bunch




A monthly podcast dedicated to everything broadband. Episodes tackle the importance of broadband connectivity, its challenges in rural areas, technological advancements in fiber optics, and interviews with industry pioneers.


Telco Tech Talks




Venturing into the realms of what’s next, this bi-weekly podcast dissects emerging trends, potential disruptive innovations, and the trajectory of telecommunications. With expert panel discussions on topics like quantum communications and space-based networks, it’s a peek into the telecom of tomorrow.


NZ Tech Podcast




This monthly podcast brings together thought leaders to discuss the role of networking in today's digital age. Covering topics like the evolution of networking protocols, the challenges of global connectivity, and future networking trends, it provides a comprehensive view of the networking cosmos.




To navigate the vast seas of the telecommunications sector, the informed listener requires a compass. These top 10 podcasts serve as that guiding tool. Their in-depth discussions, expert interviews, and forward-looking insights make them invaluable for anyone wishing to stay ahead in the telecom game. So, plug in, tune in, and amplify your knowledge.