Top 9 trendy mobile marketing podcasts to listen to right now
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Top 9 trendy mobile marketing podcasts to listen to right now

Top 9 trendy mobile marketing podcasts to listen to right now
Natalie Karakina
Chief Marketing Officer at InAppStory

Did you know that podcasts can stimulate your brains more than watching or reading and make you smarter? That’s even better if you have the habit of listening to podcasts daily. Many people like podcasts, and the same for us. As a group of podcast lovers and online marketers, our team is always hunting for the next fantastic podcast to share. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 9 podcasts we highly recommend to you. Scroll down to explore and get insightful information, tactics, and strategies to grow your app business now!


1. The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast with Timbo Reid


The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast with Timbo Reid


Hosted by marketing guru Tim Reid, this podcast unpacks behind-the-scenes stories of business owners. Each week, you’ll find a new episode of guests sharing how their million-dollar ideas came into life, how they worked out a successful go-to-market strategy, and their secret formula to exponential growth. You will be in awe of the host’s natural curiosity and his passion for small businesses.


2. App Marketing by Steve P. Young



App Marketing Podcast by Steve P. Young


App Marketing podcast is hosted by Steve P. Young, founder & CEO of App Masters - a marketing agency specializing in app growth hacks. His podcast will help you gain new insights on how the top app publishers get ahead of their competitors. The content is so fun, practical with real case studies such as how an app onboarding drives conversion up to 234% or how a simple text editor app racked up $120K per year.


3. Mobile Presence by Peggy Anne Salz


Mobile Presence Podcast by Peggy Anne Salz


Whether you’re an app marketer obsessed with ads campaigns, an enterprise focusing on leveraging the overall customer experience with a new mobile app, or an app developer determined to boost mobile customer engagement, you’ll find gems in the Mobile Presence podcast. In every episode, the host Peggy Anne Salz will walk you through in-depth case studies with marvelous guests in the industry. 


4. Mobile Interactions Now by Jean Shin


Mobile Interactions Now Podcast by Jean Shin


If “learning from the best” is your mantra, definitely check out this podcast. Mobile Interactions Now is a mobile marketing podcast where you have an opportunity to get the best advice and lessons from industry pros. Learn about the modern user experience, agile best practices, retention growth strategy using data, ASO tips, and many more. 


5. The Mobile User Acquisition Show by Shamanth Rao


The Mobile User Acquisition Show by Shamanth Rao


The Mobile User Acquisition Show is a mobile marketing podcast for people fascinated with a quick and capital-efficiently growth strategy for apps. The thoughtful host and amazing guests will give you cutting-edge digital techniques to build a winning product, the relationship between the media mix model and mobile marketing, how to drive web-based users to a new app, etc. 


6. Mobile Growth & Pancakes by Esther Shatz



Mobile Growth & Pancakes Podcast by Esther Shatz


Mobile app marketing can be overwhelmed if you are a junior marketer. But with Mobile Growth & Pancakes podcast, you’ll find yourself enjoying every single episode with the friendly host Esther Shatz. The podcast boils down app marketing into small pieces, how each of them works, and what you can do differently to get high-flying results. You will also have a chance to listen to the CEO, start-up founders, marketing managers about how they are championing new ideas. 


7. The Appy Hour Talk Show by App Growth Summit



The Appy Hour Talk Show by App Growth Summit


If you are looking for something different from the rest, check out The Appy Hour Talk Show. Like a breath of fresh air, this show incorporates a touch of dry humor to the geeky, informational topics around mobile app marketing. This is a new way to help you absorb insightful knowledge and have a fun, relaxed time after work. For example, in one episode, the guest Lior Barak talked about legitimate tactics for in-app user experience and his hummus expertise. 


8. MAU [Talk] by Adam Lovallo



MAU [Talk] Podcast by Adam Lovallo


MAU Vegas is a mobile marketing podcast full of meaningful fireside conversations with savvies in the app industry. The host Adam Lovallo sits down with the leading brand’s managers to discuss trendy marketing topics such as the future of advertising management, report on Game marketing insights for 2021, the phenomenal growth of Duolingo, and mobile influencer campaigns. You will get your mind opened to all the aspects of technology in this new era. 


9. Growth Masterminds by John Koetsier



Growth Masterminds Podcast by John Koetsier


With Growth Masterminds, you will find the most brilliant folks in the mobile app industry sharing unique insights on user retention strategies, data-driven marketing decisions, IDFA, and many more. In addition, the host introduces an exciting network of global experts across multiple niches such as gaming, social network, media, etc. 


Enjoy the best mobile marketing podcasts


That’s the top 9 mobile marketing podcasts we find interesting. We find that podcasts help our day be more productive because we can multitask while running, driving, or making dinner. We hope you enjoy the list!


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