Top 9 SEO Practices in 2024 – Guide for Success
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Top 9 SEO Practices in 2024 – Guide for Success

Egor Prudnikov
Author @ InAppStory




As we advance into 2024, leveraging artificial intelligence for content development has proven crucial in amplifying the online presence of brands and websites beyond the traditional reliance on ad spending. These strategies have a track record of enhancing brand awareness and engaging audiences effectively. They also foster the continuous growth of organic traffic, a significant asset when navigating tight advertising budgets. Let's explore the leading SEO tactics for 2024 that will position your enterprise at the forefront of its industry. These methods incorporate the use of AI to craft content that resonates better with search engines, thus increasing online visibility and attracting higher quality traffic from platforms like Google. Through the integration of innovative technologies and state-of-the-art SEO practices, businesses can ensure sustained growth and a stronger online influence.


Elevated Content Through Expertise and AI


In today's digital landscape, artificial intelligence is indispensable in crafting superior content. By employing AI, businesses can not only generate new content but also enhance existing pieces to boost their relevance and quality. 

This leads to heightened user engagement and an improved ranking on search engine results pages. AI aids in numerous SEO-related tasks including keyword discovery, content creation, and search optimization, making these processes more efficient and insightful. 

Below, we discuss several leading AI tools that have proven indispensable for SEO experts seeking to excel in their results throughout 2024.




ChatGPT, one of the most powerful language processing models to date, features 175 billion parameters, enabling it to handle complex language tasks. This model is capable of analyzing and generating text with high levels of accuracy and efficiency. The applications of ChatGPT range from automatic text generation to complex natural language query processing. Thanks to its extensive knowledge base, the model provides a quality and deep understanding of text.


Usage Plans


ChatGPT is available in two versions: ChatGPT-3.5, which is free and easily accessible for registration, and ChatGPT-4, which offers more advanced features for $20/£16 per month. A subscription to ChatGPT-4 provides access to enhanced functionalities such as more refined interaction tuning and improved adaptation to specific user tasks. These options make version 4 particularly suitable for professionals seeking precise and relevant information.


Advantages and disadvantages


Using ChatGPT offers significant advantages, including time savings in performing various SEO tasks such as keyword research and content creation. The model is notable for its ability to provide detailed and contextually relevant answers. However, despite its extensive capabilities, ChatGPT can sometimes make errors in specialized topics, a consequence of limitations in trained domains. Additionally, it should be noted that texts generated by the model can be recognized by special algorithms as being AI-created.




Midjourney is renowned for its ability to create accurate images based on textual instructions, placing it among the leaders in AI visualization tools. This service excels at turning a variety of ideas into graphic formats, enabling the realization of both creative and professional concepts with high detail. Users can easily transform a concept into a quality image, making Midjourney in demand among designers and marketers.


Advantages of Using Midjourney


Midjourney features an intuitive interface that allows users to effortlessly generate images by entering text prompts. This tool not only simplifies the process of creating visual content but also ensures high accuracy and quality of the results. Such an approach saves time and resources, providing an effective solution for quickly obtaining professional visuals.


Limitations and Costs


One of the drawbacks of Midjourney is the lack of a free trial period, with subscription fees ranging from $10 to $120 per month. Additionally, all produced images become accessible to other users of the service, which may raise concerns about the uniqueness and confidentiality of designs. Access to this tool is only possible through the Discord platform, which may limit its use by those who prefer other social networks or platforms.


Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO is a cloud-based platform that is specifically engineered to enhance the creation, editing, and optimization of SEO content, such as blog posts and web pages. It supports thorough content analysis and subsequent refinement to align with search engine algorithms, boosting web page rankings in search results. This makes Surfer SEO a crucial asset for marketers and content creators seeking to improve their online visibility.


Advantages of the Tool


The platform offers several notable advantages, particularly with its content editor feature, which excels in performing in-depth analysis of content and offering optimization suggestions in line with the latest updates to search engine algorithms. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of SEO strategies. Moreover, Surfer SEO includes an AI-powered tool for creating structured content outlines, which streamlines the planning and development of well-optimized content, thereby simplifying the content creation process.


Service Limitations


Despite its many advantages, the cost of using Surfer SEO may be higher than similar services, which could be a barrier for users with limited budgets. This aspect is important to consider when choosing SEO tools, especially for those seeking more economical solutions for web content management. is an AI-based platform designed to enhance content creation and SEO optimization processes. This tool speeds up the research, drafting, and editing phases, ensuring high efficiency. is suitable for professionals seeking to increase the relevance and quality of their texts in the context of search queries.


Advantages of the Platform provides detailed guidance on incorporating keywords into text and allows for monitoring their usage, which helps improve content visibility in search engines. Thanks to the ability to create multiple pages within a single document, users can effectively separate the research and writing processes, as well as add new pages for additional entries and notes. This feature greatly simplifies project management and helps maintain order in documentation.


Limitations and Costs


Among the drawbacks of is the lack of free trial access, which may complicate the process of evaluating the tool's effectiveness before purchase. To gain unlimited access to the AI writer features, an additional Frase SEO module must be purchased, entailing extra expenses. These aspects may play a key role in the decision to integrate this tool into the workflow, especially for budget-constrained organizations and freelancers.


Elevating Content Standards and Expertise in Digital Marketing for 2024


As Google strengthens its campaign against substandard content that skews search engine results, the push for producing content that truly serves user needs becomes even more critical in 2024. The spotlight is now firmly on the quality of content rather than the quantity produced. Here are some sophisticated approaches to ensure your content meets these heightened expectations.


In-depth Research and Detailed Content Creation

Commit to generating content grounded in solid research and expert knowledge that directly addresses your audience's concerns and interests. This includes crafting detailed analytical pieces, exhaustive guides, and rich resources aimed at solving specific challenges.


Consistent and Insightful Blogging Practices

Maintaining a regular blogging schedule is essential for both robust SEO and impactful marketing. The continuous publication of well-investigated, thoughtful articles not only draws in new prospects but also keeps current followers engaged, offering them invaluable content free of charge.


Ongoing Content Updates

Ensure your content remains fresh and relevant. Periodically updating and revitalizing older posts not only boosts their attractiveness but also strengthens your site's trustworthiness and search engine optimization.

These strategies are designed to fortify your status as a reliable information resource and sustain audience interest consistently.


Optimizing with for Superior Content Quality

  • Streamlined Research Processes. enhances your ability to quickly gather essential data and insights, speeding up the content creation cycle.
  • AI-Driven Draft Creation. Leverage's artificial intelligence to craft high-quality initial drafts enhanced with targeted writing tips.
  • Effective Keyword Integration. aids in seamlessly weaving critical keywords into your content, ensuring it ranks well in SEO terms.
  • Structured Content Creation. Utilize the AI-powered structure generator from to design coherent and logically structured content.
  • Detailed Content Evaluations. Take advantage of the analytical tools in to receive detailed feedback on your content, helping to refine and elevate its quality.


Using not only makes the content development process more efficient but also drastically improves the quality and effectiveness of the content produced.


Expanding Content Variety and Optimizing FAQ Pages

  • Embracing Multiple Content Types. By integrating a mix of content forms such as videos, podcasts, and dynamic infographics, you cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of your audience, ensuring sustained engagement across different platforms.
  • Developing Robust FAQ Sections. Design FAQ pages that respond to the most frequently asked questions by your visitors. These pages do more than just inform—they clarify critical details, contributing to better user understanding and assisting in improving your website's search engine optimization by clearly demonstrating your areas of expertise.
  • Enhancing Digital Strategy Through Content and FAQs. Enriching your content strategy with a variety of media and detailed FAQs not only boosts interactions and user satisfaction but also reinforces your website's authority in search results, thus widening your online influence.




Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) encompasses a set of actions aimed at maintaining a positive image of companies and websites on the Internet. Using various tools and strategies, SERM effectively addresses reputation-related issues as they arise. Below are examples of reputation management at work.


Google Maps


Google Maps increases business visibility and helps attract local customers by enhancing interaction with them and increasing the local appeal of the brand.




Company reviews strengthen user trust, enhance reputation, and positively impact SEO ranking on Google.

  • Review Sites. Here, user reviews can be collected, remarks can be responded to, and your brand's reputation actively built. Example of a review platform: Trustpilot


  • Rating and Compilation Resources. It's important not only to receive ratings but also to strive for top positions, surpassing competitors. This also helps quickly attract traffic and improve the SEO positions of your site. Example of a rating site: Ranker


  • Other Effective PR Tools. These should be used cautiously to avoid harm. Even minor issues can seriously undermine the reputation of a website or brand, and correcting errors may require significant efforts, time, or resources.
  • Job Search Sites. These platforms help improve public perception of the company and enhance its status in the eyes of potential clients and search engines. The company transforms into a trusted source of information, not just a commercial organization. Example of information placement on a job search site: Indeed

By utilizing these SERM methods and tools, companies can significantly improve their online reputation, which in turn helps increase their customer base and boost customer loyalty.


Enhancing E-E-A-T and Considering YMYL


Improving E-E-A-T (Enhanced Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) and YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) aspects doesn't require a complete overhaul of your SEO strategy. Implementing a few key measures can significantly elevate the quality of your online presence.


Creating high-quality content

Provide content that meets the needs and interests of your readers. This includes answering questions, offering useful tips, and ensuring overall satisfaction from reading. According to the latest search engine guidelines, content should be:

  • Authentic,
  • Useful to the audience,
  • Created by people, for people.


These qualities enhance how both readers and search engines perceive your content, raising its overall quality rating.


Author Information and Transparency

To increase trust in your published material, clearly demonstrate the expertise of the authors. Publish an "About Our Team" section to highlight authors and their achievements.

  • Team member profiles should reflect their expertise and previous experience.
  • Example of a site with transparent team information: WebMD


This approach not only strengthens trust in the provided information but also improves the overall perception of the content.


Utilizing Credible Sources

When it comes to content creation, it is crucial to rely on verified and authoritative sources.

  • Consistently include links to authoritative references, publications, and academic research, which might include articles from industry experts published on blogs or platforms like Twitter.
  • It is also recommended to use respected resources that may vary by industry, including scientific repositories, news sites, or web pages of renowned experts and organizations.


These methods ensure not only the reliability of the content but also its appeal to a broader audience.


Building a strong brand


Your brand's reputation plays a key role in determining trust in your site.

  • Active online reputation management is a vital aspect of E-E-A-T based SEO.
  • It is important to address issues promptly and respond to negative comments professionally and in a timely manner.


Managing the brand through continuous monitoring and responding to feedback strengthens its standing and improves consumer perception.


Acquiring quality backlinks


Gaining high-quality backlinks is a key method for building trust in your website, achieved by securing links from reputable sources. These links serve as endorsements from authoritative entities, confirming the authenticity and importance of your content. When prominent websites link to your pages, it demonstrates to both users and search engines the substantial value and relevance of your information.


Such external validation not only bolsters trust in your content but also improves its visibility and overall SEO impact. This process facilitates a stronger perception of your site's credibility and enhances its authority in the digital space. Ultimately, these factors contribute to a more robust online presence and improved search engine performance.


Strategic Approaches to Boost E-E-A-T and YMYL Credibility


Providing complete and easily accessible contact information is not just a courtesy—it's a cornerstone of trustworthiness. Display your phone number, email, social media links, and physical location prominently on every page of your website. This not only validates the authenticity of your business but also signals to customers and search engines alike that you are a legitimate and reliable entity.


Utilizing a Portfolio to Demonstrate Proven Success

A well-curated portfolio is essential. It should not just display the breadth of your work but also emphasize the depth and success of your engagements. By presenting detailed case examples of past projects, you offer tangible proof of your capabilities and build a narrative of trust and competence that speaks louder than any sales pitch could.


Enhancing Reputation Through Detailed Case Studies

Case studies are your secret weapon in establishing expertise. Each case study should narrate a story of a challenge met with a solution that yielded impactful results. This detailed approach not only showcases your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills but also positions you as an expert capable of handling complex challenges in your field.


Promoting Team Expertise to Build Confidence

Introduce your team not just as professionals, but as industry leaders. Detailed biographies should include not only academic qualifications and professional achievements but also personal anecdotes that highlight unique skills and contributions. This humanizes your brand and builds a deeper connection with potential clients.


Active Social Media Engagement

Linking to your social media isn't enough. You need to actively engage with your audience. Post regularly, respond promptly, and participate in conversations. This ongoing engagement demonstrates your commitment to accessibility and customer service, fostering a lively and trusting community.


Video Content as a Trust-Building Tool

Creating engaging and informative video content is crucial. Videos should go beyond simple service explanations to include behind-the-scenes glimpses, customer stories, and educational content that adds value. This approach not only showcases your industry knowledge but also helps to establish a connection with your audience at a more personal level.


Capitalizing on Customer Testimonials


Feature robust customer reviews prominently and frequently across your digital platforms. These testimonials should reflect diverse customer experiences and highlight specific benefits. Authentic, detailed reviews from satisfied customers are far more convincing than any self-promotion, providing social proof that can decisively influence potential clients' decisions.



Implementing the SILO Structure for Enhanced SEO


Overview of the SILO Structure


The SILO structure is a strategic approach to organizing website content into specific topics, which sharpens the site's thematic clarity for search engines, aiding in more effective indexing. By clearly categorizing content, each page aligns distinctly with a designated theme, streamlining the user experience and improving the site's navigability for search algorithms.


Check, what JetTRINET, an international SEO promotion partner, writes about SILO in their knowledge base. 


Enhancing PageRank with SILO Structuring


PageRank evaluates the relevance of web pages by analyzing the quantity and quality of inbound links. Within a SILO structure, adept internal linking is crucial as it strengthens the connectivity between content pages. This strategy not only raises the prominence of individual pages but also amplifies the site's overall stature in the digital landscape, making it more favorable to search engines.


Hierarchical Organization of Site Content


Employing a pyramidal layout, the SILO structure prioritizes content from the most to least critical, establishing a well-defined hierarchy. This layout makes each page a pivotal node that connects interrelated content, enhancing both the user journey through easier navigation and the efficiency of search engine crawlers in processing site information.



Development and Enhancement of Content Hubs


Establishing content hubs centralizes related information into coherent segments that underscore the site's expertise in particular areas, thereby elevating its authority and topical relevance. This centralization not only fosters user engagement by simplifying access to related content but also minimizes bounce rates. Such organization significantly influences SEO performance by ensuring users and search engines find a well-organized, authoritative source of information.


Methods for Gaining High-Quality Backlinks


Backlinks are fundamental to SEO, as they indicate the relevance and authority of your content to search engines. Actively seeking out top-tier backlinks is crucial for effective SEO. One successful approach is to generate content that organically attracts interest and encourages other sites to link back to it.


Crafting linkable content

To garner backlinks, begin by producing content that is inherently link-worthy. This includes detailed how-to guides, informative educational resources, and engaging case studies. Such high-quality content naturally draws interest and encourages the spontaneous acquisition of backlinks.


Building relationships with webmasters

Engaging with webmasters and content creators can lead to valuable link placements on reputable and authoritative websites. This strategy is particularly effective for securing backlinks from domains that rank highly for your targeted keywords and are trusted by search engines, such as educational or informational sites.


Community Involvement and Utilizing Expired Domains

Increase your presence by participating in industry-related forums, events, and social media discussions. This visibility can help establish your authority and attract backlinks. Additionally, acquiring expired domains with established link histories can offer a quick boost in backlinks, as these domains often maintain their previous connections.


Local Collaborations and Activity on Q&A Websites

Partnering with local enterprises and engaging in link exchanges can enhance both community relations and SEO. Providing thorough, expert answers on Q&A platforms also helps build your brand's credibility and visibility in search results, which can naturally lead to more backlinks from users and professionals within your industry.


Mandatory Technical SEO Audit


Performing a technical SEO assessment is critical for identifying and resolving any factors that may be impeding your website from reaching its optimal search engine ranking. Consider these essential elements:

  • Search Engine Accessibility. Ensure search engines can fully access your site by examining the robots.txt file and removing any noindex tags that hinder indexing. Using canonical tags correctly also aids in managing duplicate content issues.
  • Page Indexation. It's important to make sure that critical pages are indexable by search engines, which involves a thorough review of the sitemap.xml file to confirm that key content is included and correctly displayed in search results.
  • Website Performance. Improving site speed by optimizing images and streamlining CSS and JavaScript coding enhances the user experience and can contribute to higher search rankings.


A detailed technical audit not only remedies these issues but also boosts the overall usability and SEO performance of your website.


Mobile Device Responsiveness

The responsiveness of a site to mobile devices has become critically important, given the increasing number of users accessing the internet via smartphones. Web vitals such as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) are key metrics that Google considers when assessing user experience.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization involves developing strategies aimed at increasing the proportion of site visitors who perform a desired action. Effective CRO methods include creating text-based calls to action (CTA) in blogs, adding messages on high-conversion pages, and testing different versions of landing pages to determine the most effective.



In the field of digital marketing, integrating SEO with content creation is essential for success. Leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize content ensures alignment with SEO goals, enhancing visibility and reach. It is also crucial to manage the brand's online reputation carefully, safeguarding its integrity and bolstering its market presence.


Optimizing websites for mobile responsiveness caters to increasing mobile traffic and boosts search engine rankings. Strategic management of backlinks is fundamental to building a site's credibility and enhancing its SEO efficacy. Together, these strategies form a robust digital marketing framework that promotes a brand's visibility and trustworthiness online.


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