Top 9 Apple Podcasts for new and amateur marketers
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Top 9 Apple Podcasts for new and amateur marketers

Top 9 Apple Podcasts for new and amateur marketers
Polskii Mark
Author at InAppStory

Apple annually recognizes the greatest and most popular podcasts for their exceptional content, unique ability to engage audiences, and innovation in craft, covering production, presentation, sound design, and more, which broaden the definition of podcasting and increase its global influence on listeners. This year's Apple Podcasts Best of 2022 contains shows and creators that gave listeners a strong sense of connection during difficult and uncertain times, as selected by Apple Podcasts' world-class editorial staff.


Top 9 Apple Podcasts for new and amateur marketers


The Empathy Edge



Each week, brand strategist, author, and public speaker Maria Ross delivers insightful insights and motivational interviews demonstrating that empathy and compassion are the new routes to market-winning performance. Ross relates empathic leadership and branding to greater innovation, happier stakeholders, and profitable bottom-line results through the use of both illuminating narratives and empirical evidence. You will learn how compassionate business methods can improve your organization from the inside out and go away with actionable ideas to expand your influence.


The Empathy Edge podcast gives executive leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents an immediate dose of motivation, insight, and actionable advice. Ready to inject more empathy into YOUR organization? Learn why cash flow and compassion are not mutually exclusive by tuning in.


Will It Stick?




Brands that are willing to take risks on innovative advertising campaigns and scandalous public relations stunts in order to attract customers' attention and gain their financial support. Join marketing junkies and successful advertising firm founders Melissa & Alexis each week for some creative inspiration as they explore wild marketing moments in history that captured the world's attention, whether they were successful or unsuccessful.


Will It Stick? is a podcast for entrepreneurs and marketers seeking BIG creative inspiration, spanning well-known businesses and lesser-known tales. Do Melissa and Alexis examine every detail to determine: Will It Stick?


10x Talk



An intriguing and persuasive series of interviews and debates on creating and extending "Abundance Multipliers" in the global economy of the twenty-first century. Discover the business's unrealized potential and multiply your prospects. with the podcast 10xTalk.






Rachel Tipograph, founder and chief executive officer of MikMak, and Sarah Hofstetter, president of Profitero, discuss the current state of eCommerce for the world's largest firms. Each episode will feature interviews with the most courageous marketers on how to handle eCommerce's most recent customer and store dynamics.


The Big Story




In this new podcast, presented by executive editor Sarah Sluis, AdExchanger editors will delve into the week's most pressing news stories. The team will bring listeners up-to-date on the most urgent current news in digital advertising, along with pertinent context and commentary.


Sunday Service




The Sunday Service Creative Finance Podcast is broadcast live every Sunday with prominent entrepreneurs Pace Morby and Cody Barton.


Brand Wars




This is Brand Wars, a weekly podcast in which the most discussed brands compete for victory. We will uncover the history, philosophies, secrets, and oddest facts of the brands that you either adore or despise. Lloyd Williams and Chris Harvey of the Strategy Team at Socially Powerful, a global social media agency, will host this event.


Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield




Have you ever wished you had a business mentor with more than a decade of expertise whispering success tips in your ear? This is exactly what you'll get when you listen to the top-ranked Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast hosted by Amy Porterfield, a former 9-to-5er turned multimillionaire business owner. Her expertise? Breaking down complex concepts and methods into concrete, step-by-step procedures designed to produce results with significantly less stress. Tune in, feel inspired, and prepare to learn why tens of thousands of online business owners look to Amy for advice on all things online business, including digital courses, list building, social media, content, webinars, and much more.


Duct Tape Marketing




John Jantsch, one of America's foremost small business marketing specialists, hosts interviews with authors, professionals, and thought leaders who provide marketing strategies, tactics, and tools.