Storytelling in mobile Stories

How does storytelling affect mobile Stories?

Storytelling is an essential element when creating a compelling narrative. With it, the mobile app Stories can improve users’ emotional connection, authenticity, creativity & personalization.

Why storytelling is important in 2023 marketing?

Storytelling helps create a narrative that users can relate to. By telling a story, creators can help users understand the context of the content and make it more meaningful to them.

What are the key elements of storytelling?

Similar to your book stories, mobile app Stories should have the following elements when creating a concrete storytelling: characters, setting, plot, theme, conflict/UVP.

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3 main tips when creating powerful storytelling mobile Stories

#1 - Encourage User-Generated Content

UGC can help balance storytelling with interactivity by giving users a chance to engage with the story and make it their own.

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#2 - Make interactivity relevant

To balance storytelling with interactivity, ensure that any interactive elements are relevant to the story.

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#3 - Keep it Short and Sweet

Mobile app Stories are typically short and snappy, and it's important to keep the story and interactive elements short and to the point.

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Examples of storytelling in mobile Stories campaigns

There are tons of successful case studies of correct storytelling in mobile app Stories! Among them are Headspace, Nike Training Club, Airbnb, and lots of other famous brands.

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