8 critical KPI metrics to follow for your mobile app

What is a mobile metric or a KPI metric?

A mobile metric is a value that shows the performance of your app and will keep you informed around retention, engagement, conversion and revenue potential of your users.

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What are the main mobile KPI Metrics?

1. CPI (Cost per Install)

CPI defines the cost of acquiring a new user via a paid advertisement. It is determined by dividing your total advertising spend over a specified period by the number of new installs.

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2. Daily Active Users (DAU) & Monthly Active Users (MAU)

These two metrics determine how valuable and engaging your mobile app is to your app's downloaders.

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3. Churn Rate

Churn rate is how users delete, cancel, or downgrade their mobile app subscriptions. Churn is bad enough on its own, but it becomes exponentially worse when your most important app customers leave.

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Want to know all of them?

Discover all of the entries inside our article!

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