Boost your business during the Black Friday!

Geo-Targeted Notifications

Boost sales by 30% using GPS data. Send location-specific deals when users are near your stores, ensuring higher conversion rates.

Set Geo-Alerts

QR-Scannable In-Store Deals

45% of in-store shoppers use mobile apps. Integrate QR codes for them to unlock exclusive in-app Black Friday specials.

Integrate QR

Augmented Reality Shopping

Enhance user experience and boost sales by 20%. Allow users to 'try' products via AR in-app, increasing purchase intent.

Enable AR

Basket Abandonment Emails

Reclaim up to 60% of abandoned carts. Use predictive analytics and send tailored emails with enticing offers to draw them back.

Rescue Sales

Real-Time Stock Updates

Retain 40% more customers. Notify them instantly when an out-of-stock item becomes available, preventing lost sales.

Sync Inventory

Master AMP Stories!

Engage users 50% more effectively. Use AMP Stories to detail product reviews, testimonials, and spotlight flash sales.

Create Stories