Mobile SDK Creates the Great Opportunity to Enhance Your App with More Functionality

What is an SDK and why are SDKs so important?

A software development kit is a set of software tools that allows developers to add pre-build functionality to the apps. While implementing an SDK, there’s no need in spending great amounts of time to create new tools.

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Which elements make mobile SDK good?

• lightweight; • good documentation; • customization; • safety; • simple usability.

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Are there any good examples of mobile SDK?

InAppStory provides an SDK for Stories section adjustment in the apps. It tooks a few days to customize and launch new functionality in the app without unnecessary coding.

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How to integrate SDK in your app?

1. Launch the package manager in the IDE;

2. Enter the activation key if needed;

3. Make yourself a coffee, the library integrates automatically.

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SDK and API: is there any difference?

While an SDK is a set of tools, an API is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing these tools. Usually an SDK includes one or more APIs, programming tools, and documentation.

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How often do developers use SDKs?

Frankly speaking, all the time! According to SafeDK study the average Android app uses around 18.2 SDKs. Moreover, to build an app you should download iOS or Android SDK first.

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