Is It Possible to Add Story Games in The App?

InAppStory provides a feature of games in Stories. One can implement simple games like fifteen puzzle or clicker into stories sections in the app.

Which business goals can one achieve with in-Stories games?

•‎ Boost engagement; •‎ Grow users loyalty; • Make customers share info about the brand.

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How do games increase user engagement and loyalty?

People like playing games — especially when they get something useful for the win. One can give some discounts, promo codes or small prizes for finishing the game to warm users interest.

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Why choose games in Stories, not just games in apps?

In-Stories game option is simply more convenient. Users don’t need to go to another section in the app, they open the story, they play, they get rewarded and they continue to search the app for products and services they need.

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Do games in stories lack a competitive side?

No, they don’t. With the InAppStory Story games users can share their results in social nets and messengers to engage their friends to beat their score in the implemented leaderboard. In such a case, almost every game has the potential to become viral (so as your brand).

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Are there any restrictions in creating games in Stories?

We suggest you to use simple mechanics — 3-in-line, fifteen puzzles, runner etc. It will be enough to engage users within the app and we can customize these games according to your brandbook.

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I want games in Stories for my app. What should I do?

Contact InAppStory in any convenient way, so we could discuss details and proceed with development.

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