3 Digital Marketing Strategy Case Studies to Find Inspiration in

Try to implement these strategies to boost conversion rates and get hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.

TED case study

This company specializes in conducting science-pop conferences with guest experts sharing their experience on how they've changed (or would have) the world. TED became well-known after videos from their events went online.

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How did content make TED worldwide famous?

TED video content became an effective promotion mostly because of its quality and accessibility: only the best speakers on important themes were invited to the conferences. Then each video was published on YouTube where everyone could watch it for free.

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Spotify case study

The company personalized almost everything: emails, playlists for each user and statistics. Since 2017 Spotify annually launches the Wrapped campaign with tracks that a person listened to most often over the past year and other personal musical results of the year.

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Why does this marketing strategy work?

People appreciate customisation because it gives them a sense of their uniqueness. Personalized content increases one's engagement. See for yourself: after the Wrapped release in December 2020, app downloads grew by 21%.

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GoPro case study

People usually use GoPro cameras in extreme sports and captured videos are really impressive and spectacular. So the company decided to promote their brand through content by settıng up a competition with a 1 million $ as a reward.

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Is this content worth a million $?

Sure! User-generated content attracted attention to the brand. Also 79% of respondents say that such content strongly influences their decision to purchase a product.

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